Contact Development Team

Developer questions

Technical questions and integration issues please contact Ward Welvaert at ward at unkuna dot org(*)

API customer contacts

All non-technical API customer inquiries please contact Bill Fiore at bfiore at dcne dot com(*)

General inquiries

We understand that for any non-technical audience this developer documentation offers a level of enjoyment somewhere between a disco song and a dental procedure. We duly apologize.

For general inquiries related to the CoolCalc applications or please use our contact page

Additional resources
  • The coolcalc-clients Github repository: sample client side libraries in various languages to integrate CoolCalc in your applications.
  • Atix HVAC: a live demo site that shows how easy it is to integrate the CoolCalc applications in a typical HVAC distributor portal.
  • (*) Email addresses are written out to prevent abuse by spammers. The conversions should not be difficult 🙂