On this screen you enter infiltration details for the home, either based on a generic "quality of construction" selection or based on the actual results from a blower door test. If a blower door test was performed, enter the "Effective Leakage Area" (ELA4) in the corresponding input. By default CoolCalc Manual J uses ACCA default wind velocities (7.5mph in summer, 15mph in winter) but if you believe different wind velocities are relevant in your area you can adjust the wind velocity values as needed.

Infiltration quality of construction - CoolCalc Documentation
Infiltration ELA4 - CoolCalc Documentation
Note: “Effective Leakage Area” (ELA4) for blower door tests is the theoretical size in square inches of a hole in the wall (with rounded edges) representing the total leakage area of the envelope at a pressure difference of 4 Pascal. If the test results you have are in CFM50 you would need to divide that value by 18.2 to convert it to ELA.

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