Known issues

We strive to continually improve the CoolCalc applications. As in any not-trivial application, there are some known issues in CoolCalc. The following are current and known open issues:

The underlying code does not support switching data source from map trace to text or vice versa after dimensions have already been created. However, the user interface currently does not enforce this restriction. If you switched a project's data source and are seeing unexpected errors, please open a support ticket so we can manually fix the data for the affected project.

If you create a skylight construction feature group that is NFRC rated or not, then create actual skylights and subsequently change the “NFRC rated” selection in the skylight construction feature group, a hard error may occur during load calculations. When this error occurs you may see an error message such as “Well this isn't supposed to happen now”. If you see this error please open a help ticket.

AED graphs apply only to HVAC systems that provide cooling. Currently the CoolCalc UI and MJ8 report render empty AED graphs for heating-only HVAC systems. We understand this may lead to some confusion and AED graphs will be removed from the UI/MJ8 report in a future release of the program.

The ACCA MJ8 procedure lists many construction feature combinations and not all data is easily converted to machine-readable formats. In some edge cases selecting a specific combination of construction features returns an error that “MJ8 data is null”. When you see this error please open a help ticket so we can investigate the specific combination that caused the error.

In some cases entering a known surface area for duct systems results in a “json: unsupported value: NaN” error. If you see this error you can try reverting to the ACCA default surface areas or open a help ticket.

Some weather station data in the underlying ACCA tables includes rows with “N/A” values where the CoolCalc dbase does not allow NULL values. This discrepancy causes a hard error in the load calculations. Most of the affected weather stations appear to be in the coastal areas of New England or coastal areas west of Vancouver but there may be a few others. If you encounter this error please open a help ticket.

In room-by-room load calculations CoolCalc Manual J automatically creates default appliances for each room based on the selected room type. If you manually edit the room's appliances and subsequently save the room again, the user edits will be discarded and replaced with the CoolCalc defaults. To avoid this from happening, please select “Other” for the room type for any rooms where you plan to manually enter appliances.

Occasionally changes in the code related to new features, old bug fixes or updates of dependencies such as the server operating systems may introduce new bugs. If you notice any bugs or issues not listed here, please open a help ticket or contact our development team.

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