Room internal loads

When doing room-by-room load calculations CoolCalc Manual J will automatically create default appliance and occupant loads based on the selected room type. You can manually edit each room's internal loads if the actual appliances in the home are substantially different from the CoolCalc defaults.

Occupant loads are assigned to the living room. ACCA MJ8 stipulates that the nr. of people in the home should be calculated as nr. of bedrooms + 1.

internal loads- CoolCalc Documentation

If you manually edit appliance loads it's important to keep in mind the ACCA MJ8 procedure stipulates that only appliances that are typically turned on during the hottest part of the day (mid to late afternoon) should be considered, not all possible appliances that may be present in the room.

Note: If you selected “Block load” for the load calculation type you will enter internal loads at the HVAC system level.

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